Do you hate the user interface of your wordpress website?

Wordpress has really made web development easy ad it provides us a very simple way to create a functional dynamic website involving all the complex data structures that are very difficult to understand if you start studying them in the code view. The visual drag and drop options automatically generates the code so we get rid of learning the difficult programming languages.

However, if anything has a benefit, it has some bad features too. Although we should not call it bad but many users hate the wordpress website UI design or the control panel. This is natural and normal as everyone had their own preferences and likings.

So you know that you can really change that wordpress website UI design and make it look exactly what you want through simple and light wordpress plugins. Here are some of the amazing plugins that can take away such a big problem of your life.

Admin menu

It is a great plugin that is very easy to use and light for your website. It will allow you to rename the menu and also change the positions of the tabs. You can create the admin menu tab of your own choice using this.

Admin color

You might be sick of seeing those dull colors in your wordpress website UI design. Using this cool plugin, you can change the colors of your admin panel. You can even select different color for different tab and call.

Remove tools menu

It is a general observation that many of the wordpress developers do not really admire the tool menu that is included in their wordpress website UI design. As it is something pre-defined, you cannot remove it simply. However, using this plugin, you can easily get rid of the remove tools menu from your admin panel.

In addition to these, there are many other tools that can make web development fun and enjoyable for you by giving you a custom website UI design.


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